Max Memos

Notes, thoughts, and ramblings from a Swedish Journalist


I should photoshop myself to be handsome and hunky, but... Alas. I was endowed with brain, not brawn.

I’m Max, and I’m a journalist / writer / commentator / busybody located in Sweden. This site is my collection of thoughts, musings, cries to the heavens, and word vomit.

I don’t promise coherence here, or a direction. But I do want to promise honesty, earnestness, and a commitment to truth as I see it.

If that’s something you like, you are welcome here. Please get stuck in with discussions in the comment fields. The only rule I have, and that’s an extremely nebulous rule, is that you should respect others.

Flames, drama, trolling will be mercilessly cleansed. Disagreement is fine. Tone is everything. Don’t give me that about freedom of speech. This is a private blog, and I’m under no obligation to give anyone a megaphone for their views, opinions, and screeds.

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