The Nazi ideology is a true death cult because it’s aim and purpose is to physically destroy human beings that it doesn’t like. This sets Naziism apart from other destructive ideologies.

Say what you will about Mao and Stalin, and the mountains of dead these two generated – those deaths were not the central part of their ideology. Nazis’ core aim is the pile up those dead.

For this reason, I have always reacted negatively to comparisons to Nazis, even now with the rise of the far right. Say what you will about Donald Trump or Viktor Orbán, they’re not aiming to kill people.

Therefore, the comparison to Hitler doesn’t elevate the threat of Trump or Orbán. Instead the comparison pulls Hitler down to the mundane.

The world is full of apt comparisons one can use. Donald Trump is more like Benito Mussolini than Hitler. That’s damnation enough, and warrant fierce resistance from those who value equality and rule of law. The comparison is more suitable because Mussolini was vainglorious, prideful, and boastful – just like Donald Trump.

Saying that Donald Trump is “literally Hitler” shuts down the avenues of criticism because it’s over the top and false. Without an almost unreadable manifesto promising the death and destruction of whole swathes of a population as well as all of Americas enemies – real and imagined – he isn’t. Without reordering the state to wage wars of conquest to create living space for a chosen people, as well as destroying all undesirables, he isn’t.

Actual Nazis do support Trump, but they support Trump because he is closer to them than anyone else. That he draws support from actual Nazis should scare the hell out of people. It should also be a warning to everyone. If a death cult like the Nazis support Donald Trump, there’s something really wrong with Donald Trump.

That support should make everyone who believes in justice and equality alarmed. It means that the actual death cult that is the Nazis, is pushing into the mainstream on the coat tails of someone. The Nazis won’t stop there, and unless they are stopped they will use the permissive atmosphere of Donald Trump to advance their cause.