It was just a year ago that smug Tories rounded on the sofas of the morning shows, declaring a new Thatcher, a new dawn, and a new Conservative dominance in the face of a hapless Jeremy Corbyn. Labour would never win power again, and ‘Mommy’ was in charge, strongly and stably, of all she surveyed.

With a twenty or thirty point poll lead over the then embattled Labour leader, who was in the midst of a Blairite parliamentary coup and who then hung to his job by the finger-nails, it was difficult not to believe the smug Tories.

On social media and in the press, and even among avowed Corbynites, there was an air of gloom and doom about the future. Owen Jones, the Corbynite activist, penned a long post denouncing Corbyn’s tactics and flaws.

Now it’s all reversed. Corbyn can’t possibly lose and will be prime minister, and the Conservatives are doomed. Doomed, I tell you! It has started to feel like we’ve been here before. Like we were here one year ago.

Smug Labour men and women are rounding on the sofas of the morning shows, declaring a new dawn a new Labour Dominance in the face of a hapless Theresa May. The Conservatives will never win power again, and Jeremy is strongly and stably in charge of all he surveys.

Half the people who make proclamations of inevitability right now have a personal interest in ensuring that this happens, and that’s why it’s wise for the alert to cast your mind back one year. Think on the stature Theresa May had then. Then think of what one year in politics can do to a person.

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