It has proven to be somewhat difficult to find a short term accommodation in Scotland that doesn’t cost a fortune, and that doesn’t destroy my budget for my three month stay there.

What I’m doing is that I’m searching through the listings on Gumtree and other sites for a very short term stay that will allow me to look for something more solid when I’m on the ground and can go and look at the rooms and flats on offer.

My searches have only yielded flats and rooms that cost around £800-1100 per week, and for that amount of money I feel like I would like Balmoral, a private chauffeur, meeting with the First Minister, and have Queen Liz show me around the interesting sites in Edinburgh.

Blowing that kind of money on a single week means I’d pay up to a third of my whole three month budget for that single week. That is simply not reasonable, so I keep hoping against hope that I’ll find something.

Someone mentioned, but there’s not a single room available during the time I’m visiting. I am starting to hope that the weather is nice in June, and that the Forth bridge has a comfortable underside. I just hope I won’t be stabbed for my camera and my laptop.

This is proving to be rather difficult, but I also can’t let go because this is the right thing to do. First, because Scotland is the exciting place to explore the whole Brexit drama going on. Second, because Scotland really intrigues me after having dug quite deep into the country, and I don’t like to quit things. Third, I want to go there and see for myself rather than try to sift through spin, negligence, and agitation while sitting 1300 kilometers away.