Facebook is facing ridicule, just like Microsoft did earlier, because it’s algorithmic approach to human concerns turned its tech into a fringe conspiracy theorist that pushed fake news.

Facebook has been under criticism in the United States because some have perceived that their trending stories feature, which have been under ultimate human control, were biased against conservatives.

In a bid to fix that, Facebook fired all of its human editors last week. To ensure balance, and no human bias, the trending stories were to be determined fully by computers and unbiased algorithms.

As with Microsoft’s disastrous chatbot Tay, things went horribly wrong. It didn’t go full Nazi like Microsoft’s Tay, but the algorithms began to promote false news items like a conspiracy theory about Meghan Kelly, a Fox News anchor.

If you recall, a few months ago Microsoft tested a so-called bot, an AI chatbot connected to Twitter that was supposed to interact with normal humans.

The bot was to learn from its interactions with humans, and change its behaviour accordingly. The Microsoft bot, Tay, turned into a neo-nazi activist on Twitter, and had to be shut down.

People are rightly worried about automation, and there has been a lot of talk that white-collar work like journalism and programmers would be the next victims of it.

For a few days, we can probably sigh in relief because it appear that when the real Skynet begins, it will be a conspiracy theorist nazi AI that will immediately be shut down in embarrassment.